Embrace His Grace


Epistle of James


          Pursuing God's Word              


Kingdom Dynamics

The Lord's Prayer is a prayer outline with seven major topics, each representing a basic human need: 1) The Paternal Need: 'Our Father...' When you pray, all needs are met by the benevolence of a loving Father. 2) God's Presence: 'Hallowed be Your name...' Enter His presence through praise and call Him 'Father' because of Christ's atoning blood 3)God's Priorities: 'Your kingdom come...' Declare that His kingdom priorities shall be established in yourself, your loved ones, your church, and your nation. 4) God's Provision: 'Give us...' Jesus, the need-meeter, told us to pray daily, asking Him to supply all our needs. 5)God's Forgiveness: 'And forgive us...' You need God's forgiveness, and you need to forgive others. Daily set your will to walk in love and forgiveness. 6) Power Over Satan: 'And do not lead us...deliver us from the evil one' Pray a hedge of protection about yourself and your loved ones, and verbally put on the armor of God. 7) Divine Partnership: 'For Yours is the kingdom' Praise God for sharing His kingdom, power, and glory with you. This Prayer will teach you how to pray.


Sanctified by the Truth                               

      Practical, personal sanctification is the bringing of our ways and our lives into harmony with the revealed will of God.

      The new birth we experience as 'born-again Christians' is our introduction into God's family. But even after we are born again, we may still be bewildered as to many spiritual things and need the light of the Word to clear our darkened minds. It is now that in its true sense the walk of faith begins, and afterward we need daily that sanctification by the truth--the Word of God, as spoken here on earth by our Lord Jesus Christ, in our Holy Bible.

      If sanctification in its practical sense comes through the Word, we will never be wholly sanctified, until we know that Word perfectly and are violating it in no way. That will undoubtedly never be true here upon earth. Here we ever need to feed upon that Word, to understand it better, to learn more fully its meaning. And as we learn from the Word the mind of God, we are called daily to judge in our lives all that is contrary to the increased light we receive, and to yield today a fuller obedience than yesterday. Thus are we sanctified by the truth.

     Every time we fail, we need to judge ourselves by the Word, that we may be cleansed as to our ways. Where we daily give that Word it's rightful place in our lives, we shall be kept from defilement and enabled to enjoy unclouded communion with our Lord and Savior.

     For this very purpose the Lord has sanctified or set  Himself apart. He has gone up to heaven, there to watch over His own, to be our High Priest with God. He is there, too, as the object of our hearts. We are called not to run our race with patience, looking unto Jesus, with the Holy Spirit within us and the Word in our hands, to be a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. As we value the Word, and are controlled by its precious truth made good to us in the Spirit's power, we are sanctified by God the Father and by our Lord Jesus Himself. [adapted from Henry A. Ironside]


Due Season                  

       God has a Due Season for all of the Seeds you plant—Good Seeds as well as Bad Seeds. SEED FAITH. God has a timetable for every seed we plant. His timetable is not always our timetable. Sometimes the "due season" means a quick return. Sometimes it means a process or slow return that may take years—even a lifetime. But we can count on three things. First, God will cause a harvest to come from our seeds. Second, God is never early or late—He is always right on time with our best interests at heart. Third, our harvest will have the same nature as our seeds sown: good seeds brings good harvests, bad seeds bring bad harvests. What are we to do during the growing time of our seeds? 1) Refuse to become discouraged. 2)Determine to keep our faith alive and active. 3)Give and keep on giving; love and keep on loving. Know this—His harvest is guaranteed. Continue in an attitude of expectancy.    ~from Spirit Filled Bible, NKJV~



Six Reasons for Reading God's Word                             

  1. Nourishment and Growth. The Bible was not merely written for our information, but rather for our transformation.

  2. New Priorities and Values. The study of Scripture can deliver us from the bondage of a temporal perspective and provide us with an eternal value system.

  3. Overcoming Temptation. Scripture warns us of the kinds of temptations that we can expect and shows us how to deal with temptation.

  4. Guidance for Decision-Making. A working knowledge of the commands, prohibitions and principles of the Bible can give us wisdom and guidance in the decisions that shape the course of our earthly existence.

  5. Knowledge of God. The Bible is a progressive revelation of the Person of Jesus Christ and the plan, character, mind love and will of our Creator. We cannot hope to know Him and His ways apart from time spent in His revealed Word.

  6. Knowledge of Ourselves. The Bible cuts below the facade of appearances and lays bare our secret motivations and plans. As we read it, the Word becomes a mirror that exhibits our true character, exposes areas of self-delusion and exhorts us to change.



 Book of Job

                 Steps to Knowing God & Wise Living


Knowing God has sovereign control of both the spiritual and physical universe


The only way man can know about God is through revelation


Live believing and knowing the Word of God


Be humble and self-effacing in approaching God


Never accuse God of any wrongdoing


Patiently embrace and endure suffering, knowing God's Hand will prevail


Know God's grace is a gift, not something earned

                Plan of Action Invited by Book of Job


Choose to trust God above all circumstance 1:6-12


Refuse to question any of God's workings in our lives 1:22


Understand that God allows us to be tested, but He is in control 2:3-6


Know & accept troubles as a part of life that faith overcomes 5:7


Resolve to the fact that God is the final word on all matters 12:14


Understand that adversity is God's tool to purify our life 23:10


Believe that God honors faith stronger than death 13:15


Know that fear shows a lack of faith in God & His promises 3:25


Humble yourself regularly in the presence of the Lord 40:4,5


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